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Sep 05


Boys/Boyfriend (Glee Cast Version)

The best mash up this far

Sep 01

quote It’s awful being a grown up but the carousel never stops turning, you can’t get off

— Greys Anatomy
Sep 01

quote And if l fail, l fail. But because l wasn’t good enough, not because l didn’t have the guts.

Casey Carlyle, Ice Princess (via quote-book)
Sep 01

Q. and A.: Caroline Skinner, Executive Producer of 'Doctor Who' - →


Great interview with Doctor Who Executive Producer Caro Skinner about the show’s connection to the U.S. and the “big” episodes of Series 7…

Q. In years past, “Doctor Who” attracted a devoted cult following in the United States, but now the show seems to be breaking into mainstream consciousness. What does success in America mean to the health and profile of the franchise back at home?

A. Well, it’s a thrill, for a start: Last year we were top of the U.S. iTunes, which Steven and I were so delighted by. “Doctor Who” is one of the most quintessentially British ideas; for anyone in the U.K., you’re kind of born with “Doctor Who” in your DNA, to a certain extent. Obviously we work very hard to reach out to the U.K. mainstream audience, but the fact that it’s cutting through in the U.S., where there isn’t that context, is just phenomenal.

One of the things that was so exciting about shooting over here was that you very much felt from the reaction that we were getting – and from the viewing figures and the download figures – that it’s not “‘Doctor Who,’ that quintessentially British show that we import”; it’s just “Doctor Who,” and everybody knows what it is as a show in its own right.